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Ready to promote your business? Redleaf is your online store for signs, banners, posters, and more. Just choose the item you need, upload your artwork and your order will be ready for shipping in 4 to 8 business days. How can we help you?

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Custom signs, banners, posters, and more

Redleaf Print Shop has you covered for custom signs. Printed in full colour on high quality large format printers, we can help you get your signs printed. Whether you need something thin or thick, indoor or outdoor we have sign options for everyone.

At Redleaf, our mission is to provide you with quality custom signage, posters, and banners at affordable prices. You can purchase custom products for up to half the price you'd pay in a store, making it more affordable than ever to promote your business.

Ordering online saves you time and money in three steps

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Frequently asked questions

Burnaby, Coquitlam, Richmond, Surrey, Vancouver, and the rest of Canada.

Production time for your order will be 3 business days, followed by shipping time based on the shipping option you selected. On average, products are delivered within 4-8 business days. For more information on shipping, please visit our shipping information page.

Redleaf Print Shop offers the following materials for mounted signs:

Coroplast - This material is a rigid, light, polypropylene material. It is weather resistant and durable.

Rigid PVC - This material is a rigid 3mm PVC material. It is weather resistant and durable.

Flexible PVC - This material is a light and thin PVC material. It is weather resistant and moderately durable.

Foamcore - This material is a ultra-light polystyrene foam. It is not weather resistant. Best used for indoor signage.

Redleaf Print Shop offers posters, a-frames, pop-up signage, banner signage, and rigid signage.

Poster signage is available on various sizes and printed on 8pt poster paper.

A-Frame signs are available in two sizes with or without the additional purchase of an a-frame stand.

Pop-up signage includes two different types of retractable banner options to meet any budget.

Banner signage options include vinyl and mesh banners.

Rigid Signage options are available in multiple sizes and materials.

Posters are available in 18x24, 24x36, and 32x48".

Small Posters are available as 11x17".

A-Frames Signs are available in 24x36 and 32x48".

Vinyl and Mesh Banners are available in the following sizes:

  • 6x3’
  • 8x3'
  • 10x3'
  • 6x4'
  • 8x4'
  • 10x4'

Pull Up Banners have an image area of 79x33.5”.

Signs are available in 18x24, 24x36, and 32x48".

  • Large Poster
  • Small Poster
  • A-Frame
  • Replacement A-Frame Insert
  • Vinyl Banner
  • Mesh Banner
  • Pull Up Banner
  • Signs
  • Starts at $50.00


    Customer Printed signs printed in Full Colour. Indoor or Outdoor Signs available in various sizes.
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    Starts at $25.00
    Small Poster

    Small Poster

    Promote, attract, and stand out with beautiful full color posters.
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    Starts at $35.00
    Large Poster

    Large Poster

    Promote, attract, and stand out with beautiful full color posters. Available in multiple sizes.
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    Starts at $220.00


    Attractive A-Frames that are practical, durable, lightweight. Available in 2 Sizes.
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    Starts at $70.00
    Replacement A-Frame Insert

    Replacement A-Frame Insert

    Attractive A-Frame Inserts that get seen. Available in 2 Sizes.
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    Starts at $85.00
    Replacement Metal A-Frame

    Replacement Metal A-Frame

    Practical, durable, lightweight A-Frames. Available in 2 sizes.
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    Starts at $192.00
    Pull Up Banner

    Pull Up Banner

    Get noticed with high impact pull up banners. Two options available to meet all budgets.
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    Starts at $119.00
    Mesh Banner

    Mesh Banner

    Outsmart the weather and get attention with Mesh Banners. Multiple sizes available on 13oz quality mesh.
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    Starts at $99.00
    Vinyl Banner

    Vinyl Banner

    Get the attention you deserve with print vinyl banners. Multiple sizes available on premium quality vinyl, for an affordable price.
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